Dignity Dialogue Notes 6/19

This dialogue was run by Vicky Matey and José Carrillo (with the help of Audry Faunce and Brenda Bentley) because Maru Mora Villalpando, our usual dialogue coordinator was in Tacoma on hunger strike (see below).

  • Junga Subedar updated the crowd on the hunger strike that was happening at the detention center in Tacoma. The strike started on June 15th, and 12 women were involved. There were also several men in the detention center who joined them as well as four community organizers on the outside. The strike was started to protest inhumane conditions inside the center. The detainees reported not having healthy or even edible food. They were also given used underwear and no feminine hygiene products. Junga had visited the detention center on Father’s Day. She said that several families were not allowed to see their loved ones because of how busy it was that day.
  • Next we watched a video posted by Maru of her visiting the detainees while they were in the yard. Note how hopeful and happy the detainees sounded upon seeing Maru. Also, notice how rude the guard was.
  • Link to a live stream at the center: https://www.facebook.com/NWDCResistance/posts/1479707525423456) 


  • Two volunteers with the organization No More Deaths spoke to the crowd and told about a raid that happened in one of their camps earlier that week. Border Patrol and No More Deaths have had an agreement for quite some time (15 years) that they would not raid the medical camps to detain immigrants. Border Patrol raided one of their camps, breaking that agreement and detained four people who were seeking medical attention. (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/16/us/border-patrol-immigration-no-more-deaths.html)
  • Check out their petition! https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/tell-border-patrol-humanitarian-aid-is-a-right

    Next, we watched a film called Every Row A Path, a documentary film made by Skagit Valley migrant teens. They wanted to be able to show their peers and teachers what their lives were like at home and how much they had to juggle between family, school, and the jobs that they held. The project expanded and is available for purchase online.

  • See the trailer here: http://www.everyrow.com/trailer.html
  • Finally, we wrote more postcards to the City Council, Mayor, Police Chief Cook, and Sheriff Elfo.

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