Dignity Dialogue Notes 7/24

Introduction- Vicky Matey talked about her time over the weekend at Latinx Pride- 1st held in Seattle. It was a celebration with resources, direct action, motivation, organization, music and food- a very inviting and welcoming experience. Intersectionality- We went around and talked in groups about what we thought intersectionality was. Some online definitions of intersectionality: o   the interconnected nature … Continue reading Dignity Dialogue Notes 7/24


Detention Center Trip

Our most recent call to action was asking people to go down to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. While the camp packed up on Sunday 6/25, there will most likely be more solidarity encampments as GEO, the company that owns the detention center, is not acting as though they will improve conditions for the … Continue reading Detention Center Trip

Dignity Dialogue Notes 6/5

Maru Mora Villalpando opened the Dignity Dialogue giving some history behind Latino Advocacy, an organization which she founded. She had been inspired and motivated by the grassroots movements and organizers operating outside of the mainstream narrative fighting for racial, reproductive, gender, climate and immigrant justice. Latino Advocacy began doing volunteer work in 2000 working with … Continue reading Dignity Dialogue Notes 6/5

What Is 287(g) And What Does It Means For Our Community?

If you have attended our events or received one of our flyers, you may have seen the term 287(g). We have had some discussion about it in our Dignity Dialogues but haven't had much opportunity to elaborate on it. This post will be explaining what 287(g) is and what it means for our community! 287(g) … Continue reading What Is 287(g) And What Does It Means For Our Community?

Dignity Dialogue Notes 5/15

Local work for human dignity and stopping fascism Opened with the prayer for farmworkers. Edgar, a community organizer at Community to Community, thanked those who participate in the Vigils, Dialogues, and the people who marched and assisted with the Farmworkers' March. Maru Mora Villalpando, a community organizer and the founder of Latino Advocacy spoke on … Continue reading Dignity Dialogue Notes 5/15

Hunger Striker Solidarity Movement!

CALL TO ACTION Support Hunger Strikers Fighting Worsening Detention Conditions Under Trump Contact: Maru Mora Villalpando, NWDC Resistance: resistenciasolidarity@gmail.com and 206-251-6658 Silky Shah, Detention Watch Network: sshah@detentionwatchnetwork.org and 347-243-8743 ________________________________ April 18, 2017 Tacoma, WA – A new group of immigrants have joined a hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center, run by the private … Continue reading Hunger Striker Solidarity Movement!

Dignity Dialogue Notes 4/17

Updates on Hunger Strike at the detention center in Tacoma: Paused as of Sunday morning Several plots stopped because of retaliations People are getting transferred (and threatened with transfer) between the Dalles and Tacoma Moving people repeatedly makes things difficult for contacting family and difficult to get representation Women have been threatened with IV feeding … Continue reading Dignity Dialogue Notes 4/17

Dignity Dialogue Notes 4/3/17

Dignity Dialogue held at First Congregational Church Simon Sedillo, visiting activist, gave training and info on migra/police watch · For over 20 years in both US and Mexico, Simon has been documenting interactions b/t police and community, as well as the causes of global migration due to militarism. · Simon called migra/cop watch “a militant … Continue reading Dignity Dialogue Notes 4/3/17